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Customization by Casagrand

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Casagrand Industrial Parks creates customized plans to meet your business goals

The problem: Finding the ideal industrial park for your unique requirements. 

The solution: Examine the infrastructure, the resources available, the facilities provided and the support services in the surrounding areas. Examine your own business goals. Do the two sync?

The best industrial parks go beyond providing generic facilities and services. They take the customised path to helping you meet your goals. It’s an increasingly competitive environment out there, and gaining an edge lies in carving out strategies tailored to each unique need. 

At Casagrand, the first step we take when you approach us as a prospective tenant is to understand your business goals. An open dialogue will give us a comprehensive understanding of your requirements. We strive to understand your priorities, including larger goals like the expansion of market reach, optimisation of supply chains, improvement of operational efficiency and fostering of innovation.

What do we offer in our customised plans? Flexible infrastructure, tailored amenities and services, strategic partnerships within our ecosystem, and a supportive regulatory environment. We engage in crafting tailor-made solutions that cater to the distinct and unique demands of each organisation with client-specific improvement, design & construction.

Business models

Based on continuous communication and feedback, Casagrand Industrial & Warehousing offers you various business models tailored to your unique goals. We provide our tenants and business partners with flexible engagement models, ranging from ready industrial & warehousing assets to land plus contractor model. 


Built to suit – Lease

  • Land and buildings owned by Casagrand, offered on a long-term lease basis to our clients.
  • Flexible lock-in period.
  • Increased rental efficiency.

BTS – Lease with Purchase Option

  • Similar to BTS-Lease with a purchase option  to our client.
  • Asset ownership with potential upside valuation is enjoyed by the client.

BTS – Sale

  • Casagrand can work with client-recommended locations.
  • Can include bespoke building specifications based on the client’s preferences and needs.

Land + Contractor Model

  • A client-owned SPV will be transferred with the land price paid upfront.
  • Casagrand will enter into a contractor agreement with the client based on the actual cost + margin basis.
  • Construction can be tailor-made in house using a client’s existing land.
  • We will acquire land in preferred locations and construct in-house.

By offering flexible Infrastructure, Casagrand enables you to expand or downsize according to the evolving needs of your business. This maximises operational efficiency and saves costs. Modular spaces that can be reconfigured to accommodate different kinds of scale and operations can be adapted to your specific needs.

Casagrand enhances the value proposition for businesses by tailoring amenities and services. For instance, a technology-focused business may require access to cutting-edge research and development facilities, high-speed internet connectivity, and collaboration spaces to foster innovation. On the other hand, a logistics-oriented company may prioritise efficient transportation networks, warehousing solutions, and customs clearance support. 

Industrial parks are evolving from generic spaces into dynamic ecosystems that cater to the diverse needs of businesses. By embracing this approach, Casagrand drives business growth, fosters innovation, and contributes to the overall economic development of the regions we operate in. 

At Casagrand, the client is our priority while your business goals remain yours.